Monday, December 29, 2008

Shopping Spree!

Hello People! :D
Baby's Back, Steadstead's Back, Junda's Back(!)
Welcome back, my dearest people!
Well, didn't update yesterday, boring mah.
Today, wokeup, washed up, bought wrapping paper, vanilla milkshake.
Waited for Baby's msg, then she finish bathing. Cabbed down to her house to meet her(:
Went to Queenstown Sec with her, she bought her books.
I accompanied. After that, saw Jillene/Jingyi/Cherynn? Hahaha.
Thnthn, cabbed back to Depot. Put the books, 175-ed to Town! :D
Bought manymanymany things! Xmas Presentttts!
Heehee! Manymany, shopped! Hee!
It's a miracle, I didn't eat my lunch today! :)
After that, around 6.50pm, 124-ed from Plaza Sing, to Purmei.
Went to court, pass Weekeat & Reynold their present,
Bubbleteashop, Joey passed them present.
Gary left already, with Mingduo. Stupid you snail! x.x
Haven't buy Ahchia's de, tomorrow buying :D
Bought Janice's, Christabel's, Jasmine's, Buddy's, Cheryl's, Hweeying's, Rayner's, Reynold's, Weekeat's, Gary's, Steadstead's, Baby's already! :)
One last one, which will be Fionachia's one! Hahaha!
Will most prolly pass you guys your presents, when school reopen.
Cos that will be the day, I'd definitely see you guys! Heh! :P
Okay lah, I shall reply tags, :D
Tag Replys.

Alysia: Hello CookieMonster!
PriscillaPoon: Hahaha, Taoyannn. Okay lah, Wo bu yao hai xiu ok! :D Luv you! And, Of course! I'm creative de k! I don't copycopymeow/fish! :'D It have been a few days, since we went hyper le k! :/
Lijoo: Hello Mei! Thanks for tagging!
Gina: Yeh! Supersuper chio! Cos it's redddd! You know? It's REEEED! :D Hahaha. Yeh. Bbq, got BBQ fish anot? :/ And, Mine dropped by 0.16! >(
Meifoong: Walao eh you ): Make me miss you more only! X: You also uh, don't miss me k!
Ben: Sup ah? Lmao, -.-
Joey: You kukubird baby, finally back eh! I want jio you :P
Meixuan: Happypillszb! :D
Weekeat: Is DumbdumbSiaopeh! Laughs, And. Hello RetardedMr.Pig!(:
Ahvann: Steadsteaddddd(!) :D Luv you! :D Meetup soon!

Who got Chinese Homework? The Worksheet de(!)
Can lend me, can lend me(?!)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ache! ):

Hello People, (:
Am back, and finally online, hahah!
I know I know, Heeee.
Woke up around 7.40am, today.
Washed up, prepared. Met Cheryl & Benda, at Purmei Bus-Stop.
Waited for 123, and took bus to Tiong Baruh for train.
Mrt-ed to, Clementi. Bus interchanged, 258(?)
Thnthn, walked around to search for the place,
Because we got down earlier(?)
Hahaha. Went to the, it should be warehouse/factory.
Packed fruits. Manymany fruits. Manymany, delicious ones!
Mandrin Oranges, Peach, Apricots, Plums.
Worked from 10am, to 7pm. Collected our pay,
Went to Vivo City! While waiting for bus, one of the worker saw us.
Ask us go into his lorry, then he lombang us to Clementi MRT.
Mrt-ed to Harbourfront. Ate Long John Silver,
Thnthn, walked around. Around 9.40pm, went home.
My hand muscle is aching, hahaha!

P/S; Tags would be replied, tomorrow :D
FCJ2, Baby, Ahvann, Hweeying, Buddy, Gina, PriscillaPoon, Dawn/XiaoDy.
And Manymanymany More Peepo(!) :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Tag replys.

Cheryl: Zhenzhu sucks lahhhh! Eh, what happened yesterday ah? I missed that episode. Saw at the IMM the tv store, Chenxi, unconcious, what under spell leh! :/ Then I see liao also gongdaidai, don't know what happened.
Gawon: Nopenope, don't mind. :]
PriscillaPoon: Hahaha! Taoyans, bu yao zai jiang duo ren mian qian jiang mah, hui hai xiu de :P Relax k. Don't get so fed up over childish people, or rather, people who don't have originalityyyyyy! :D
Wengsoon: I wish you too a merry christmas, I wish you too a merry christmas, I wish you too a merry christmas, and a very happy, new year! :D
Fcyx: Hahah. Nevermind lah. Is okay. Joey also not in Singapore. Hahaha. I also don't like ice skating. Nvrm lah. :]
Ben: ? -.- Siaopeh.
And A Very Happy Christmas,
Those Who Wished Me :D

I'm having my breakfast :D
And, my throat's unwell again. ):

-Editted, @ 11.21pm-
Tomorrow, got things to do, don't have to stone at home :)
Yayyyyyyyyyyy, can see Benda & Cheryl also!
So nongzxcz never see you all already! wuuuu! :D